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Dongle HD200 - AB3 5°W - AB1 12.5°W - W6 21°E
HD100 - Boot A103 - Soft A137

mardi 1 octobre 2013

[Amérique du Sud] Nouvelle MAJ Atlas HD100 - A118

 Bonjour tout le monde, une nouvelle version du logiciel KYNG pour l'Atlas HD 100 des utilisateurs d'Amérique du sud est disponible. C'est la version A118.
Cette version est destinée seulement aux utilisateurs d'Amérique du sud. 

PS: Cette version est destinée seulement aux utilisateurs d'Amérique du sud. This version is only for users from South America.

Cette version est accompagnée du message KYNG suivant : 
  • Fixed :([SA]Atlas HD-100) All the corrections made on the previous standard HD-100 versions up to this point.
  • Added :([SA]Atlas HD-100) 4 new free servers with a different set of channels. As I am writing this news, these servers have right now a total of 201 channels on both 70°W and 61°W satellites. The difference between this set of channels and the old one, is that this one are under our total control. Actually they are controlled by one of the K.Y.N.G community members: toxic. Channels will be added regularly, on a weekly basis. The old free servers are still available, but only with old versions. We really hope you'll like the new free servers and this new version, and we are looking forward for your comments and feedback. Enjoy.

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